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Hi there!

Welcome to Anchor Flow Life! Here at Anchor Flow Life we are all about vitality! Vitality means life, vigor, energy, youthfulness, and the epitome of success! AFL was built in mind of people who are hungry for life and all it has to offer. In the spirit of vitality, our blog will be filled with life giving information to assist you in your health journey!

Our services include a mat-based yoga program called Flexibility Yoga. Via Flexibility Yoga you can:

🔺Increase in flexibility

🔺 Decrease muscle tension

🔺 Slow down aging

🔺 Improve digestion

🔺 Improve sleep

🔺 Induce restfulness

🔺 Reduce stress

Sounds good doesnt it? In a world where stress is at every corner, a restorative program to calm the nerves and rejuvenate you is just what you need! Our programs offer group sessions locally and virtually. We are located in Alpharetta, Georgia and teach at the Wills Park Recreation Center every Tuesday from 10 am sharp for our local group.

You can always book a virtual class to still be able to participate and not miss out of this incredible program!

Take a look at our booking page and see all the other services we offer!

We just launched our new health coaching program: Project Ultimate You! Founded by Beni K Bates, her goal is to have every woman reclaim her inner Queen. As a mother and international business woman, she can relate to the struggle of prioritizing health when you have to serve in your various responsibilities. The program was curated having EVERY woman in mind. Her passion is to see women feel sexy in their skin again. By incorporating healthy life long habits, she believes every woman can emerge in confidence and find their true identity.

Book a consultation call today to see if you're the woman we are looking for!

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Stay tuned for more on the blog! You can always send us a message, we'd love to hear from you!

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