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My Students Are Growing...

My students from my local Flexibility Yoga class have been showing up consistently from the inception of my classes and today I felt like a proud mama 🥲

Their results have been incredible. Most of them had limited mobility when they started but today they performed poses with full range of motion in 5 weeks!

Consistency pays off. I’m so so proud 💜

Flexibility Yoga is a mat-based passive stretching program. We target different areas of the body to increase flexibility, improve mobility, decrease stress, improve digestion, improve sleep, plus much more.

If you deal with muscle tension and/or would like to increase flexibility so your regular yoga practice is more fun & enjoyable, I highly recommend you take my class. You’ll see quick effective results in as little as 4 weeks.

I teach local classes in Alpharetta, Georgia at Wills Park Recreational Center. Virtual classes are also available! I teach in both Japanese and English 🇺🇸 🇯🇵

📱Sign up for a free trial for the Local Group or Virtual Group Class!

See you there (-:

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