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Meet Beni K Bates

Beni K Bates wears a coat of many colors: She was born and raised in Japan and speaks multiple languages. She’s a mom of three, a wife, a musician, an actress, a model, and an international business owner, a certified yoga instructor, and a health coach. She has been on multiple Japanese television shows and movies, featured in commercials, toured with Japanese pop artists as a backing vocalist, and even had a solo performance for the Prime Minister of Japan!


But one key component of her lifestyle that enables her to perform on such a high level is her devotion to health and wellness. This is a non-negotiable for her! She understands how critical her lifestyle of healthy living has allowed her the energy, strength, intellect, and clarity to perform on a high level.

She experienced body image issues, low self-esteem, and inadequacy. Over the years, Beni learned that an individual's health journey is perpetual. Contrary to what the media portrays, no one ever arrives but is rather a student of life, learning how to effectively take care of the body with each passing day.


 Overweight by the age of 12, she had experienced the endless cycle of dieting and all the anxiety that comes with it. She vividly remembers how it particularly felt as a young teen being bullied for her body or at postpartum trying to rid the baby weight but to no avail. There is so much information out there about nutrition but it can be overwhelming and leave one feeling like they’re in a rut.


However, after much trial and error, in over 12 years, by relearning proper habits she discovered how to have it all. She’s a natural giver and finds it her life’s purpose to help others find their joy and freedom through proper diet and lifestyle!

In 2021, she launched her Flexibility Yoga program and Project Ultimate You which is a health coaching program helping women lose weight and create healthy realistic habits.  Her goal is to see as many as possible reclaim their vitality! 


We ought to have greater ease moving through our daily tasks. By increasing flexibility, we have better digestion, get restful sleep, allow better blood flow and oxygen, plus more fun in our respective activities! One noticeable component is mental endurance! How? In Flexibility Yoga, we teach students to hold poses anywhere from  2-5 minutes at a time. Due to the body’s natural inclination to protect itself, holding a pose longer than 30 seconds naturally requires a certain amount of discipline. This is why Flexibility Yoga is so powerful.


Building discipline is such a vital part of life and one of our core beliefs!


We also provide services in health coaching. We teach how to properly fuel the body by a primal approach. This means we define optimal living by eating, moving, and functioning like our ancestors. This lifestyle lowers blood sugar, corrects insulin resistance, enables fat loss, regain energy and grow in confidence! Our goal is to see all people living proudly and operating in their full potential. We want to see more moms back in their favorite dresses and strutting beaches in their favorite two-piece with the ULTIMATE confidence while also having energy for the demands of having a family! We show women with high-stress careers how to still excel in their work but also have balance managing their stress so weight loss is effective. Our methods are simple, realistic, and effective!


We believe that we can have it all. We can have the bodies we desire and live the life of our dreams. When you look good, you feel good, and you live good! 

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